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Bulgaria’s Buzludzha Monument may see revival

15 June 2016

The Bulgarian Prime Minister, Boyko Borissov, has promised to restore the country’s famous communist Buzludzha Monument, known to many internationally as the UFO.

The restoration of the building, which fell into disrepair after the collapse of the communist regime in 1989, has been prompted by a popular recent project initiated by a number of young Bulgarians.

Mr Borissov made his promise after meeting with 26-year-old Bulgarian architect Dora Ivanova, who proposes that the monument be turned into a museum of Bulgarian history as part of a project called “Buzludzha – Memory of Time”.

Ms Ivanova has already received around US$1.4 million in funding for her project from Nikolay Ovcharov, one of Bulgaria’s most prominent archaeologists, who also introduced her to Mr Borissov.

“I was given a project for Buzludzha, I will show it to BSP (the Bulgarian Socialist Party), if they want us to do something together, to prevent the ruin there,” Mr Borissov said in a statement to journalists at the weekend.

The Buzludzha monument, officially called the “House-Monument of the Bulgarian Communist Party”, was built in 1981 by Bulgarian communists as a tribute to the creation of the Bulgarian socialist movement.

Source: Balkan Insight