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Russia to build first monument to Ivan the Terrible

Russia to build first monument to Ivan the Terrible
Still from Part 1 of Ivan the Terrible (1944, dir. Sergey Eisenstein)

14 July 2016

Russia’s first monument to Ivan the Terrible is set to be built in the city of Orel, 350 kilometres south of Moscow, despite protests by local inhabitants.

According to the governor of the Orel region, Vadim Potomsky, the monument is due to be unveiled on 3 Aug, two days prior to the city’s 450th anniversary.

“He founded the city 450 years ago. A great city of great people,” he said, adding that the funding for the statue will not come from the city or regional budget, but through donations.

Ivan the Terrible ruled in the 16th century as the first tsar of All Russia, overseeing its progression from a medieval state to an empire. Known in Russia as Ivan Grozny (Ivan the awe-inspiring), he is remembered as an impressive but tyrannical figure.

Source: Afisha (in Russian) and The Moscow Times

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