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St Petersburg artists restore the modesty of Michelangelo’s David

1 August 2016

Artists from St Petersburg group Sever-7 (North-7) have found a unique way to respond to a complaint about Michelangelo’s nude David statue — there’s nothing a bit of tape can’t fix.

After a complaint from a local resident about the David replica, which is being displayed in St Petersburg as part of the multimedia exhibition Michelangelo-Creation of the World, the artists decided to take the matter into their own hands, restoring David’s modesty with a cap and sellotape.

The exhibition organisers received a complaint from a local resident last week, who claimed that the nude sculpture spoils the city’s image and has a bad influence on children.

In response, the organisers have launched the “Dress David” campaign—– until 15 August they will take suggestions from St Petersburg residents as to how to dress the statue, with the winning entry being custom-made for David.

Source: Paper Paper (in Russian)