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Meet SportJet, Russia’s aeroplane for athletes

10 August 2016

For when first class just won’t cut it for getting you from A to B between competitions, the Moscow-based Sukhoi Civil Aircraft company has the answer: SportJet – the first ever plane designed for sports teams.

The aircraft is meant to allow athletes to train, recover and rest while flying, thereby maximising their performance.

Forget Economy and Business, the SportJet’s cabin is divided into four rather different sections: a recovery zone for workouts and physiotherapy, a rest area kitted out with with smart seats with built-in equipment to monitor biometric data, a coaching zone, and a seating area for administrative staff.

According to a statement by Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, the aircraft has been designed together with medical and sports experts in order to reduce the risk of hypoxia, dehydration, muscle fatigue and other negative effects of spending long periods of time in the air. The company also stated that the SportJet, which can be customised for athletes in different sports, has already received significant interest from a number of high-profile potential clients.

If you’re in Rio for the Olympics you can get a sneak-peek – a full-size mock-up is open to the public at the city’s Marimbás Club for the duration of the Games.

Source: Sputnik News