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The world wants to go to Croatia

The world wants to go to Croatia
The Croatian island of Hvar (Image: Andres rus under a CC licence)

18 August 2016

Croatia is the world’s most desirable destination, according to a comprehensive analysis of Google data.

A recent article by The Telegraph reports that Croatia was ranked the most attractive destination for a holiday, based on analysis by website teflSearch examining queries made between July 2015 and July 2016 from more than 80 countries in 52 languages. The data was used to produce a series of maps to show the most desirable holiday spots for people of different nationalities.

Croatia featured in 2.71 per cent of travel-related searches across the world, and was followed by a host of other popular beach destinations: Greece (2.54 per cent), Turkey, Thailand (both 2.47 per cent), Spain (1.99 per cent), Italy (1.9 per cent), Cuba (1.85 per cent), Portugal (1.66 per cent) and Malta (1.65 per cent). The USA came in at number 10, while the most visited country in the world — France — failed to make the list.

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Source: The Telegraph (see here for maps)