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Check out the Russian oil and gas iPhone

Check out the Russian oil and gas iPhone
(Image: Caviar)

19 August 2016

Russian company Caviar, the same firm responsible for a collection of Apple Watches dedicated to historical figures and a titanium iPhone bearing the image of Vladimir Putin’s face, has launched its latest venture — a collection of iPhones dedicated to oil and gas.

For 179,000 rubles ($2,790) you can get your hands on an iPhone 6s with a golden image of “production facilities required to extract valuable resources” — in other words, oil wells and gas rigs.

“Before beginning mass production of the models dedicated to oil and gas, the Caviar brand received a large number of individual orders for these designs. The number of incoming requests was so great that we decided to create a series of designs for those who work in the field of oil and gas, and combined them in the collection Caviar Tesoro,” reads a press statement from the company.

Caviar are taking orders for smartphones from the new collection in the lead up to the Day of Oil and Gas industry Workers, celebrated on the first Sunday of September.

If you too love oil, but the iPhone is looking a little pricey, check out this pop tribute to the valuable natural resource (“neft” in Russian) from 2013.

Source: Afisha (in Russian)