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Former Moscow bakery to become art hub

Former Moscow bakery to become art hub
(Image: Bakery No.9 / Facebook)

26 August 2016

You won’t get much bread now at northern Moscow’s Bakery № 9 — it has been transformed into a new urban space and is one of the Russian capital’s up-and-coming creative hubs.

Situated next to Flacon, a vibrant development housing a wealth of creative industries and hosting exciting public events, it is anticipated that Bakery № 9 will soon become a key platform for contemporary art and will form a creative quarter for the Dmitrovsky District together with Flacon.

The main body of the bakery is a five-storey cylindrical building, which was built in 1934 and can be seen as a monument to Soviet constructivism. This building, together with several others on the complex, will host exhibition spaces, loft residences, offices, creative companies, show-rooms and cafes.

The new artistic cluster will open today with Art.Who.Art, a three-day festival of art, music and culture. For a few days the courtyard will turn into an open-air gallery, where visitors will be able to see graffiti by Moscow street artists, set to a backdrop of musical performances and lectures, including by media artist Vadim Epstein and the curator of landscape art festival Archstoyanie, Ivan Polissky.

Art.Who.Art will take place from this evening until 28 August. More information can be found here (in Russian).

Source: Afisha (in Russian)