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Star in a musical film in Moscow

1 September 2016

If you’re in Moscow and have a penchant for dancing, why not try your luck for a place in the new prequel to Valery Todorovsky’s hit 2008 film Stilyagi (Hipsters)?

Director of Stilyagi: The Beginning. Moscow 57, Živilė Montvilaite, plans to shoot huge crowd scenes for the movie’s musical numbers — and everyone is welcome to take part in the casting.

Filming will take place at Okhotny Ryad and casting on Tverskaya Street in central Moscow on 10 and 11 September. The most charismatic participants may even land themselves a speaking role!

Stilyagi: The Beginning. Moscow 57 is set at the 6th World Festival of Youth and Students on 28 July 1957, the event that saw the birth of the stilyagi youth counterculture. Stilyagi were primarily known their snappy, fashionable and often foreign-style clothing. The organisers have asked participants to come dressed (as far as possible) in the style of the time, although some costumes will be provided.

“We wanted to show residents of the city and visitors the process of making a film, from casting to meetings with the choreographer and director,” said Montvilaite, who will be on set.

After the filming, the actors will be able to see the editing process and the results of their work on the big screen. The video will then be available to view on the website of the MosKino film festival.

Source: Afisha (in Russian)