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Hungarian sculptor soars with Atlanta Falcons stadium art

Hungarian sculptor soars with Atlanta Falcons stadium art
Budapest's Groupama Arenan with sculpture by Gábor Szőke (Image: GGaritan under a CC licence)

13 September 2016

Hungarian sculptor Gábor Szőke has been commissioned to create the world’s largest bird sculpture for the Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium.

The huge falcon sculpture will be created in Budapest and transported in containers to the USA.

It might be said that Szőke has form when it comes to avian-inspired artwork — he was also responsible for the “Ferencváros eagle” statue at the Groupama Arena in Budapest. It is reported that the Atlanta sculpture will be somewhat similar to its Hungarian counterpart, which stands at 13 metres high and has a wingspan of 19.5 metres.

The base of the sculpture is expected to be made of concrete, while the the bird will stand on a bronze football and itself will be comprised of stainless steel elements.

The new stadium, which is due to open in 2017, will be home to the Atlanta Falcons American football team and the Atlanta United Football (soccer) club.

Source: Daily News Hungary