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Take some time out on a Romanian mountain

16 September 2016

Enjoy some peace and a beautiful vista at “Tampa” – a stunning vantage point and resting place on a mountain outcrop overlooking the Romanian city of Brasov, designed and built by Italian woodwork workshop Camposaz.

“Tampa” was put together by a team of 12, led by architects Giovanni Wegher and Massimo Bertoluzza, over the course of ten days.

Camposaz takes the relationship between the build and its environment as a fundamental principle in any construction, and with this is mind the wooden face of “Tampa” is punctuated by naturally occurring protrusions from the rock face, which are incorporated into the shelter.

The structure is akin to a box, containing multiple levels within it and thus encouraging diverse ways of engaging with the construction. Its open front, enabling visitors to enjoy the impressive view, blurs the boundary between interior and exterior space, further encouraging reflection and a kind of playfulness with regard to the structure’s use, as well as engaging in what the studio describes as a “rhythmic dialogue” with the surrounding natural environment.

Source: Designboom