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Netflix looks to capture Polish-speaking audience

Netflix looks to capture Polish-speaking audience
Promo image from popular Netflix show Orange Is The New Black (Image: Orange Is the New Black Staffel 1 Trailer deutsch german [HD] | Netflix Serie / mykinotrailerHD / Facebook)

21 September 2016

Online streaming service Netflix announced yesterday that 80 per cent of the content on its new Polish service will be either dubbed into Polish or have Polish-language subtitles, signalling an attempt to move beyond the relatively small English-speaking audience in the country.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Poland constitutes one of Europe’s biggest TV markets, while the market for English-language originals is very small. Viewers in the country are used to watching dubbed series, a tendency that the streaming giant has recognised.

“We always knew the Polish people had a big appetite for great entertainment,” commented Netflix CEO Reed Hastings in a statement. “[...] we’re delighted to offer a more localised Netflix experience in Poland that will continue to grow with great TV shows and movies from here as well as around the world.”

Netflix has also begun to increase its original local content in Poland, initially concentrating on comedy. Entertainment specials feature such local stand-up stars as Katarzyna Piasecka, Rafał Pacześ, Mariusz Kałamaga and Karol Kopiec.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter