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Gosha Rubchinskiy model combines fashion and philosophy in new collection

27 September 2016

Discover The blind guide the blind, the new fashion collection by former Gosha Rubchinskiy model Anton Lisin.

The collection is designed to be a reflection of the current state of the world, with particular attention directed at Russia. Shooting for the lookbook took place at an ancient church complex, a backdrop that feeds into the designer’s aim for the collection to raise and engage with philosophical questions. The lookbook’s heroine is a teenage girl, who strives to find her own identity; she takes on various characters, including a naive child and a warrior. Throughout the book’s progression, we witness the changes that take place within her.

“Don’t be afraid to stay alone, reject all teachings, labels and idols. Only after that you’ll be able to see the whole and true image of the world and understand yourself. Only this way you’ll be able to take only what is essential, be yourself and develop,” says Anton Lisin.