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Dreamdune: architecture students create sand-inspired installation in Lithuania

28 September 2016

Fancy a sit down on Dreamdune, the seating installation created by participants of the European Architecture Students Assembly in Nida, Lithuania, this summer?

The multinational group of students took their inspiration for the undulating shape of the installation from the formation of a sand dune over time. The use of cross laminated timber for the structure is a reference to the importance of the local forests, which help protect the sand dunes, while the smooth wave-like form of the installation is designed to blend into its environment.

Dreamdune provides both an exterior space akin to an amphitheatre, on which one can sit and enjoy the scenery, and an interior space, which provides a more secluded area while still offering views across the dunes. The project was led by tutors Eoin McCooey, Roibeárd Ó Máinín and Dobrin Petkov.

Source: Designboom