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Take in the spirit of Berlin with Georgian photographer George Nebieridze

7 October 2016

See Berlin through the eyes of Georgian photographer George Nebieridze with his latest photo book,‘15, a retrospective of his 2015 photographic work shot mostly in the German capital.

Nebieridze, who moved to Berlin three years ago, offers up a unique insight into the life of its inhabitants and its underground party scene, with authenticity a trademark of his work.

“I never stage photos. That means all my photos just happen to me and I happen to be there at that moment,” Nebieridze said in an interview with i-D. “[...] Authenticity is an important part of my work, that also means [...] having a sense of humour.”

‘15 captures a snapshot of life as it was in 2015 in the rapidly changing city.

“I can see the city changing every day. It’s growing and progressing so rapidly that sometimes it’s very hard to stay up to date. Many people come and go, each of them leaves their mark on this place and it goes like this over and over,” the photographer commented.

You can purchase ‘15 here. See Nebieridze’s photo series dedicated to his native Tbilisi on The Calvert Journal.