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Social media site for pets to launch in Russia

Social media site for pets to launch in Russia
(Image: Udo Grimberg under a CC licence)

11 October 2016

Does your dachshund love to keep her friends in the loop? Or perhaps your labrador is a serial Facebook stalker? Russian social media site Odnoklassniki (Classmates) thinks pets should have their own space to do this — that’s why they’re launching DruzhOK.

Odnoklassniki claims that DruzhOK — a combination of the Russian word for “little friend” and OK for Odnoklassniki — is the first of its kind in the world. Bearing a striking resemblance to Facebook, the site allows users to add friends, and “like” and comment on their contacts’ photos.

Pets who want to get chatting need to be registered by name, breed, gender and age. While this allows owners to match up pets who may get along, some sceptics have suggested that this requirement is simply a way to enable pet suppliers to adapt and personalise their online sales campaigns. Indeed, the project is sponsored by a pet food company.

Although the software for DruzhOK is still in development, enthusiastic future users can already register their pets — will you be signing your furry friend up?

Source: BBC