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Russian singing duo Tatu release previously unseen music video

13 October 2016

There is old footage of Vladimir Putin kissing the stomach of a child, dated clips of the streets of Moscow, scenes of a short-haired brunette taking her top off in a bathroom. You could be mistaken into thinking this is a strange fetish video, but you’d be wrong: it’s the previously unreleased music video from Russian singing duo Tatu. Although it was made in 2008, the music video for To Love (Polyubit) was only released a couple of weeks ago. In addition to the bizarre smattering of clips of the two girls and the Russian president, the video also features footage from their 2000 hit All The Things She Said, which propelled the duo to international heights.

All The Things She Said was accompanied by a particularly memorable music video in which the two girls, dressed in school uniforms, sang and kissed each other in the pouring rain. Two years later in 2003 the pair were chosen to represent Russia in the Eurovision Song Contest. Tatu separated and pursued solo careers in 2011