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Much disputed Prince Vladimir statue arrives in Moscow

Much disputed Prince Vladimir statue arrives in Moscow
The Vladimir the Great monument as it might have looked on Sparrow Hills (Visualisation by Dmitry Chistoprudov)

18 October 2016

Moscow’s controversial Vladimir the Great statue has arrived at its new home near the Kremlin.

Delivered as several separate elements on Saturday, the statue will be erected on Borovitskaya Ploshchad prior to its official unveiling on 4 November, which marks Russian National Unity Day.

The statue’s path to Moscow has been less than smooth. It was initially set to be 24 metres high and placed on Sparrow Hills, visible from much of Moscow. After tens of thousands of Muscovites signed a petition against this location, the Moscow authorities voted to erect the statue on Borovitskaya Ploshchad.

UNESCO criticised the choice of location, asserting that the monument could have a “negative impact” on the Kremlin’s “historical urban landscape”. The UN cultural and scientific body has still not officially approved the erection of the monument on Borovitskaya Ploshchad.

Source: The Moscow Times