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Probabilities: Polish feminist avant-garde artist Natalia LL in London

Probabilities: Polish feminist avant-garde artist Natalia LL in London
(Image: Natalia LL / Roman Road / Facebook)

1 November 2016

Probabilities, a solo exhibition by Polish feminist avant-garde artist Natalia LL, will launch this week at east London’s Roman Road art space.

The exhibition showcases photographs and videos from Consumer Art and Post-consumer Art, two infamous series created by the artist in the 1970s highlighting the link between consumer culture and the position of women in society. In particular, these works centre on and challenge the commodification of women in pornography.

Consumer Art sees women eating suggestive foods, taking on the role of active protagonists in a subversion of the common portrayal of women as passive objects of male pleasure. Here it is the masculine element, represented by such foods as bananas and hot dogs, that becomes a mere product for consumption. Post-consumer Art follows on from this series, capturing the models after the food has been consumed.

Probabilities also features a unique installation of Natalia LL’s NATALIA!, a deconstruction and fragmentation of the artist’s identity, in which she rearranges the letters of her first name to construct new words.

Probabilities will run at Roman Road in London’s Bethnal Green from 4 November 2016 – 14 January 2017.