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Polish-American inventor devises vomit-inducing bike lock

Polish-American inventor devises vomit-inducing bike lock
(Image: SkunkLock)

4 November 2016

Bicycle thieves beware: don’t mess with a SkunkLock, the bike lock that will make you vomit.

Designed by Polish-American inventor Daniel Idzkowski and Swiss-born engineer Yves Perrenoud, SkunkLock releases a potent scent when cut, causing anyone in the vicinity to vomit and making it very difficult for thieves to escape the scene unnoticed.

The bike lock, made from hardened steel, emits a special formula called formula D_1, which is based on the fatty acids found in substances such as parmesan cheese. This custom-made compound has similar effects to pepper spray, causing vomiting, breathing problems, visual impairment and staining to clothes.

This might sound kind of violent, but the team behind the product claim that the formula is safe and complies with US regulations, while they are still checking whether it will be possible to see the lock under the relevant laws in EU nations.

The entrepreneurs, who are based in California’s Bay Area, are crowdfunding to make their initiative a reality. The team anticipate that the SkunkLock will be available to purchase for $40 by June 2017.

Source: Dezeen and The Guardian