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Don’t look down: would you stay in this precarious Slovenian mountain cabin?

10 November 2016

Take a look at this tiny cabin that seems to teeter over the edge of Mount Kanin on the Slovenian-Italian border.

Designed by Slovenian studio OFIS Architects, the aluminium-clad structure can accommodate up to nine brave mountaineers. Measuring just 9.7 square metres, the cabin incorporates three shelf-like floors and is designed to withstand the most extreme of weather conditions. It is made from a combination of glass, cross-laminated timber, and aluminium panels. Cantilevers help to keep the compact structure in place over the precipice, which affords anyone brave enough to venture up there 360-degree views over Slovenia and Italy, while the modules and loads are prepared according to the maximum weight and equilibrium limits.

The cabin, which is accessible only by climbing or helicopter and required the services of the Slovenian army to be placed in position, serves a purpose beyond offering refuge to mountaineers.

“The challenge is to install real objects, shelters in 1:1 on remote sites and study their response to extreme weather, radical temperature shifts, snow and rugged terrain,” said OFIS. “The harsh conditions of wind, snow, landslides, terrain, and weather require a response of specific architectural forms, structures and concept.”

Source: Dezeen and Designboom