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British singer Joss Stone takes on Ukrainian folk song

17 November 2016

British soul and R&B singer Joss Stone recently tried her hand at something a little bit different — take a listen to her rendition of a Ukrainian folk song.

The singer made the video of her singing Oh Beyond the Green Grove in while she was on tour in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Recorded at the Dovzhenko Film Centre, the video sees Stone accompanied by the Ukrainian band Dvoe in her up-tempo version of the traditional song.

“We all had a lot of enjoyment doing this song together with lots of giggles and laughter,” the singer commented.

Stone noted on social media that she had taken great pleasure from her time in Ukraine.

“There was lots of good vibes going on and smiley, happy people… Ukraine you are something else,” she wrote on Facebook on 26 October.

Source: Kyiv Post