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Mouthwatering Moscow: clean eating’s out, rat’s in

21 November 2016

So, you’ve had a hot dog, but how about a hot rat?

If that sounds up your street, then head to Moscow where it’s all the rage, according to the Guardian.

Disclaimer: ok, so it might not be quite the rat you’re imagining. Instead, meet nutria, a huge orange-toothed river rat also known as coypu. Those concerned about their food’s carbon footprint are sure to be keen, as this critter is local to southern Russia.

Nutria is making his way to a number of Moscow eateries this autumn, one of which is the Krasnodar Bistro. Chef Takhir Kholikberdiev has a host of rodent-based delights in his repertoire, including a nutria burger that retails for 550 rubles ($8.56). He says the nutria is a “really clean animal”, while the Guardian‘s report describes the meat as “pale, juicy and fairly bland, somewhere between turkey and pork”.

According to Mr Kholikberdiev, the beauty of nutria is that it’s juicy and tender, no matter how long it’s cooked for.

Will you be headed to the Krasnodar Bistro anytime soon?

Source: The Guardian