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Monday blues? Watch this husky puppy live stream from Russia

21 November 2016

If you can’t handle the start of week and the impending winter breeder Zhanna Alyoshkina has a solution for you – a live stream of cute husky puppies hanging out with their adorable mum.

This is the second instalment of puppy-streaming for the breeder – last year the same mum, chocolate and white-coloured Sally, had six puppies whose first weeks of life were also broadcast online. That live stream was a success – five of the six puppies were taken on by families who first saw them crawl around with their mum online.

Alyoshkina, who is based in the town of Izhevsk in the western Urals, says that the stream is not just a way to advertise the puppies, or get “awww’s” in the comment section – future owners also get to see the puppies chew on furniture and misbehave – which can help to keep their expectations of puppies realistic.

The current broadcast features seven new puppies who are now just a week old.