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Memento metro: take a five-year ride on the Moscow underground

28 November 2016

Russian-based photographer Alexey Domrachev spent nearly five years capturing his daily journeys on the Moscow metro. He decided to place these images back in context — in the very metro system where they were taken.

Memento metro sees Domrachev put up printed images in various locations throughout the metro in an unsanctioned art project, turning the stations into exhibition spaces. His video of the same name explores the unusual exhibition. The images, captured on a camera phone or GoPro, take in the everyday moments lived on the metro: snoozing, listening to music, talking on the phone.

“My goal was to bring out the best of people, the most sincere and genuine of them [...] I think this art should live where it’s born. It should be public art, pure art and art enriched with the unique roaring sound of train wagons smoothly riding the rails and passing by platform stations,” says the photographer.