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UCLA to host Far From Moscow Festival next week

UCLA to host Far From Moscow Festival next week
Russian electronic musician Mujuice (Image: Far From Moscow Festival / Facebook)

29 November 2016

If you’re in LA, check out Far From Moscow Festival next week — three days of film, music, cuisine and graphic arts at UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles).

A selection of acclaimed recent Russian movies will be provided by Kartina.TV, including such titles as The Student (2016, dir. Kirill Serebrennikov) and Queen of Spades (2016, dir. Pavel Lungin), while some of the most renowned chefs in Russia today will be providing sumptuous cuisine.

The event will also showcase some of the highlights of Moscow’s KomMissiya Festival, which celebrates Russia’s best graphic artists — this will be the first time most of the material will be shown in the US. In addition, Russian stars of pop, rock, and electronica will perform live — the lineup includes rock group Mumiy Troll, and electronic artists DZA and Mujuice.

Far From Moscow will take place from 9 – 11 December at UCLA in Los Angeles, California. More information can be found on the official site.

Information and ticket prices are available online.