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Game of Thrones to film again in Dubrovnik

Game of Thrones to film again in Dubrovnik
Scene from Game of Thrones (Image: Game of Thrones / Facebook)

30 November 2016

Filming for the hit fantasy drama series Game of Thrones will return to Dubrovnik next month, after rumours that the show would no longer shoot in the city.

Local newspaper Dubrovački dnevnik announced that the HBO series would film its 7th season in Dubrovnik, quoting sources from the production crew that revealed the show’s return in mid-December.

Aspiring stars were also in luck, with Embassy Films Croatia — which forms part of the production crew for Game of Thrones in Croatia – announcing a casting for extras in Dubrovnik from 28 November — 1 December.

Game of Thrones seasons two to five were partly shot in Croatia, with the city of Dubrovnik serving as the site of “King’s Landing”. Last summer it was reported that HBO had dropped Croatia as a filming location for season six.

Source: Croatia Week