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Let Heart of Moscow take you back with their new 90s pin collection

7 December 2016

Get a little retro with Heart of Moscow‘s new collection of pins, inspired by Moscow in the 90s.

The popular souvenir brand has just announced this limited edition pin collection, which can be purchased online here.

The first design to be released features the ubiquitous Marianna shopping bag that will be familiar to anyone who spent time in the Russian capital during the 90s. Natalia Pershukova, the artist behind the image on the iconic Marianna bag, was inspired both by Marina de Bourbon perfume and the popular Mexican telenovela The Rich Also Cry, whose protagonists feature as the backdrop to the Marianna pin shown above.

Other designs include a white cassette, VHS camera, slinky and the White House.

Source: Afisha (in Russian)