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Lithuanian and Polish initiatives among 2016 top transport projects

20 December 2016

Lithuania’s Dancer Bus and Poland’s glow-in-the-dark cycle lane have been named among the top ten public transport projects of 2016 by architecture and design magazine Designboom.

The brainchild of Klaipėda-based tech company Vėjo Projektai, Dancer Bus aims to create a lighter electric city bus using composite materials, bringing new technology and clean wind power into the sphere of public transportation. Through bringing together technology, art and industry, the project’s organisers hope that Dancer Bus will both improve the urban environment and help transport to be a key element of Lithuanian cities.

The city of Pruszków, located in central Poland, is now home to a bike path that glows an ethereal blue in the dark. The cycle lane, created by engineering firm TPA sp. z o.o, gets its nocturnal radiance from luminophores — chemicals that take in and emit light, charging in the sun and glowing for up to ten hours in the dark. In future the company hopes to be able to use the technology to illuminate larger areas, such as highways, and anticipate installing a similar path in Warsaw soon.

While blue was chosen to match the lakes found in the Polish region of Masuria, the firm’s new projects will be able to glow an array of different colours!

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