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Stravinsky ballet becomes urban dance

20 December 2016

Check out this performance by Lil Buck, a dancer and performer from Los Angeles, as he presents an original work based on Petrouchka, Stravinsky’s twentieth-century classic ballet. The performance took place at the Fondation Louis Vuitton in October 2016.

The American dancer is famous as an ambassador of Jookin (or Gangsta Walking), a street dance born in Memphis. Stravinsky’s avant-garde music and the sophisticated urban dance formed part of a big show at FLV dedicated to Russian ballet.

It’s not the first time that the contemporary dancer has braved such unfamiliar ground. A few years ago he collaborated with cellist Yo Yo Ma and presented The Swan — a choreographic etude on classical music. He is also known for his part in a short film by Rag&Bone, in which he starred with famous ballet dancer Michail Baryshnikov.