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New game-style app promotes Bosnian products

New game-style app promotes Bosnian products
(Image: under a CC licence)

4 January 2017

Introducing Buy 387, a new Bosnian app allows users to win prizes by purchasing local products.

All users have to do is scan a code when they buy a Bosnian product, which then translates into points. The ten users who collect the most points each month will receive a prize.

“Instead of Pokémon, let’s go hunt for domestic products,” said Nusmir Mekić, who developed the project together with his colleague Velid Vrabac at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla.

The Android version of Buy 387 gained over 1,000 users in just a few hours, with the number steadily rising and the number set to grow even more rapidly once the iOS version launches.

Source: Sarajevo Times