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New incentives could double Polish film industry turnover

New incentives could double Polish film industry turnover
Scene from Polish director Paweł Pawlikowski's 2013 film Ida(Image: IDA THE FILM (Official) / Facebook)

9 January 2017

According to Polish Deputy Minister for Culture, Jarosław Sellin, new incentives for film producers could double turnover for the country’s film industry.

If approved by parliament, the proposed incentives would see the costs of multiple aspects of film production reimbursed by up to 25 per cent, with PLN 104.5 million ($25.1 million) provisionally allocated.

“Film production is usually a small factory, which operates for a year or two, absorbing hundreds, sometimes thousands of people, co-producers, technicians, craftsmen and various subcontractors [...] It’s worth bringing these factories to Poland,” Mr Sellin stated.

Film crews from Germany, South Korea, Belgium, France and the UK carried out shoots in Poland in 2016. Film experts at production website note that these shoots tended to be short in length at between two and four weeks, and that the proposed incentives would make Poland “more cost-effective for producers, leading to longer shooting schedules”.

Source: Radio Poland