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On Kosovo field: siblings journey through a lost heritage in new BBC radio drama

9 January 2017

The first episode of On Kosovo Field, a new radio drama inspired by musician PJ Harvey’s writings, poetry and song demos from her time in Kosovo, airs today on BBC Radio 4.

Written by Fin Kennedy, On Kosovo Field follows Kosovan-born brother and sister Rebeka and Dardan as they take a road trip through their lost heritage in search of an identity, with the siblings serving as a metaphor for Kosovo itself.

Starring Hollyoaks actor Nico Mirallegro and Coronation Street star Michelle Keegan, the drama unfolds over five episodes. The concept of such a “play cycle” echoes the song cycles typical of Kosovan and Albanian tradition.

The series draws on PJ Harvey’s most recent album The Hope Six Demolition Project and her poetry book The Hollow of the Hand. These projects take inspiration from several journeys undertaken by Harvey between 2011—2014, one of which was to Kosovo.

You can listen to On Kosovo Field here.