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Kiev blanketed in layer of toxic smog… or is it fog?

19 January 2017

“Did you hear the story about the smog?” — “You don’t have to tell me, it’s all over town.”

Whether Kiev residents had recourse to such high quality jokes to ease their concern is as yet unknown, but many have reported unpleasant smells and breathing difficulties in the face of a layer of haze hanging over the Ukrainian capital in recent days.

The authorities have been keen to reassure residents that, despite fears of toxic smog, the phenomenon is a “meteorological haze” caused by natural weather conditions.

“[...] the smog was caused by weather, when all the smoke and emissions accumulate in the near-surface layer of the atmosphere instead of rising up,” said the head of Kiev’s Emergency Situations Department, Roman Tkachuk, citing a report from the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Centre.

Many keen photographers and videographers have braved the haze to capture the phenomenon — check out the images and videos above.

Source: UNIAN