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Dalmopolis: discover one architect’s vision for Croatia’s Adriatic coast

23 January 2017

Renowned architect Nikola Bašić has unveiled his radical plan for unlocking the potential of Croatia’s Dalmatian coastline — Dalmopolis.

Made up of three projects to develop existing towns — Vrata Zadra (Zadar), Šibenska okomica (Šibenik) and Splitorina (Split) — Dalmopolis would create an Adriatic metropolis, providing Croatia with what Bašić describes as “urban balance” together with the country’s capital, Zagreb.

The architect’s project for Zadar centres on the city’s Forte fortress, built in 1567, as well as the underdeveloped neighbourhood of Ravnice. Bašić hopes to see all of Šibenik’s attractions, such as its the historic centre, cathedrals and fortresses, fully connected with an escalator system, while his ideas for Split focus on developing the port area.

Nikola Bašić is a Croatian architect known particularly for the conception of the Sea Organ — a wave-powered pipe organ — and the Greeting to the Sun — a solar-powered glass architectural object that lights up with patterns and colours — both of which are located in Zadar.

Source: Croatia Week