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Russian flying app soars after promotion by Ivanka Trump

Russian flying app soars after promotion by Ivanka Trump
(Image: SKYGURU / Twitter)

27 January 2017

Downloads of Russian app SkyGuru, designed to help those with a fear of flying, have skyrocketed following a tweet posted by Ivanka Trump.

Shortly after the tweet appeared on Monday, SkyGuru’s website traffic increased by 11,000 per cent, according to the app’s founder Aleksey Gervash.

“We do not know whether Trump suffers from fear of flying. However, we definitely know that Ivanka would suggest he use SkyGuru on board Air Force One,” read a post on Facebook by Mr Gervash, a pilot with a degree in psychology.

SkyGuru explains in real-time what is going on during a flight, helping nervous passengers deal with potentially stressful situations such as turbulence. Following the tweet from Ivanka Trump’s account, reports began to circulate that the app continues to monitor users’ location once their flights are over and the app has been closed, leading to speculation linking the app with President Donald Trump’s promises to ramp up surveillance, as well as his ties with Moscow.

Nevertheless, SkyGuru took their lead from Ms Trump’s father’s presidential campaign slogan to show their gratitude: “Together we will make America Fly Again!”

Source: RT