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Russia ditches Olympic kit brand Bosco for patriotic fashionista

3 February 2017

Russia’s Olympic Committee has brought its longtime relationship with sports brand Bosco to an end, in favour of a partnership with relative newcomer ZA Sport by Moscow-based designer Anastasia Zadorina.

Critics have expressed surprise at the choice, given that much of her designing energy has been directed towards elaborate ballgowns. Eyebrows have also been raised regarding Zadorina’s connections — is it an absolute coincidence that the designer’s father is a top official for the Federal Security Service (FSB)?

In many ways, however, Zadorina’s young sportswear brand seems well placed for an international competition — the designer is clearly passionate about her home country, having launched a patriotic clothing line during the aftermath of the Russian takeover of Crimea. Slogans included “sanctions don’t bother my Iskander [missiles]”. This aside, ZA Sport are on the up, recently winning a contract to dress Dynamo Moscow’s volleyball team.

Zadorina will be responsible for the Russian Olympic team’s kit for the next eight years, with her first designs making their debut at the 2018 Winter Olympics in South Korea.

This development is no doubt a blow to Bosco, who have been the brand behind Russian Olympics uniforms since the 2002 winter games in Salt Lake City.

With Russian Paralympians already barred from the 2018 Paralympic Games, exactly who will get to wear these uniforms is less than certain.

Source: The Moscow Times