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Children of 1917: help capture the memories of Russian centenarians

6 February 2017

If asked to think about Russia in 1917, revolution and violent unrest may well be the first things that spring to mind. But what about the children who began their lives in the midst of this upheaval — what are their stories, and who have they become? The Children of 1917 project aims to explore just that.

Comprising a photo book, documentary film and project blog, the project will seek to capture the life stories of Russians born in 1917, seeing key events of the 20th century, such as the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR, through their eyes. In particular, the project will reflect on the long-term impact of the Russian Revolution on the life of each individual.

The project’s organisers, Russian photojournalist Mikhail Mordasov and American journalist Paul E. Richardson, have launched a crowdfunding campaign to ensure that the stories of Russia’s centenarians are not lost.

Find out more and support the project here.