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Belarusian photographer Alexey Shlyk looks back on an innovative DIY culture

9 February 2017

In his series The Appleseed Necklace, Antwerp-based Belarusian photographer Alexey Shlyk reflects on the creativity and resourcefulness that so shaped his childhood.

Born in 1986, when Belarus was still part of the Soviet Union, Shlyk keenly remembers and celebrates the distinctive DIY culture — born of both necessity and innovation — that was prevalent when he was a child.

“I am talking about creativity, craftsmanship, diligence and typical recycling that were natural to the people living in conditions of constant shortages. It was a time when one had either to find a way to ‘snatch’ what was needed or to make it out of the accessible materials,” the photographer explains.

The Appleseed Necklace will be on display at FORMAT Festival in the UK city of Derby from 24 March — 23 April 2017.