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Go on a Kazakh language quest with this new app

Go on a Kazakh language quest with this new app
(Image: Buro247 / Intellection)

28 February 2017

New app Qazaq takes you on a journey through Kazakh language and culture — there are even some snacks involved!

Developed by Almaty-based Intellection Studio, which is headed up by Bakytzhan Baizhikenov, Qazaq takes users on a trip across the country.

“It is like a journey of a batyr [an honorific term that means ‘hero’] though the cities of Kazakhstan, recognisable by their famous sites. [...] By passing through a chapter, the batyr conquers Kazakhstan, city by city,” Mr Baizhikenov told The Astana Times.

In addition to vocab and grammar learning, Qazaq incorporates some distinct elements of Kazakh culture — be ready to learn some proverbs and listen to the sound of the dombra, a traditional stringed instrument. What’s more, users are rewarded with virtual baursak, a delicious fried dough snack that’s popular across Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

The Qazaq App is available for iOS and Android in Russian and English, and has so far had 5,000 downloads.

Source: The Astana Times