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Could Bucharest soon have designated graffiti walls?

Could Bucharest soon have designated graffiti walls?
(Image: Cinty Ionescu under a CC licence)

13 March 2017

Bucharest’s mayor, Gabriela Firea, is considering setting up dedicated spaces for graffiti artists throughout the Romanian capital.

According to business news site Economica, Ms Firea is all for graffiti, but thinks that heritage buildings should not be the target of enthusiastic artists.

“[...] I am completely against graffiti on monument buildings, on heritage buildings, on historical buildings. We will do it in an organised way, civilised, without damages to the way the city looks and without making heritage buildings ugly. We need to highlight these buildings, not take away their beauty,” Ms Firea said.

The mayor is reportedly engaging in discussions with youth organisations on the topic, with the idea of eventually organising graffiti competitions.

Source: Romania Insider