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Wrocław among the world’s most colourful destinations

Wrocław among the world’s most colourful destinations
Wrocław's market square (Image: Craig Wyzik under a CC licence)

22 March 2017

If you’re looking for a little vibrancy in your next New East break, think about visiting the Polish city of Wrocław. According to UK newspaper The Telegraph, Wrocław numbers among “21 of the world’s most colourful destinations”.

The report highlights Wrocław’s huge medieval market square (much of which had to be reconstructed after the Second World War), which is bordered by colourful houses, as well as an array of bars and restaurants. Many buildings throughout the Old Town, a charming labyrinth of cobblestone streets, are equally striking — even in the depths of winter, these vibrant buildings give the city a certain cheer.

Other destinations to make the list include Buenos Aires and Havana. Check out the rest of the list here.