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Enjoy Tarkovsky for free

Enjoy Tarkovsky for free
Still from Ivan’s Childhood (1962, dir. Andrei Tarkovsky)

24 March 2017

Andrei Tarkovsky fans rejoice — the Mosfilm Cinema Concern has launched a collection of films by the acclaimed director on its YouTube channel, and they are all free to view!

Among the films available are Ivan’s Childhood (1962), Andrei Rublev (1966), Solaris (1972), Mirror (1975) and Stalker (1979).

A huge selection of other classic Soviet films is available on Mosfilm’s YouTube channel — once you’ve had your Tarkovsky fix, why not experience Ballad of a Soldier (1959, dir. Grigori Chukhrai) or Alexander Nevsky (1938, dir. Sergei Eistenstein). Many are available with English subtitles.

See the full selection here.