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All-female art exhibition opens in Krasnodar

26 March 2017

Krasnodar’s first all-female art exhibition has opened at the Printing House cultural centre, showcasing installations by eight artists examing the role of women in the art world.

Out of Control features household items including irons, frying pans, scissors, thread and needles to comment on the blighting effects women’s traditional domestic roles can have on their creative freedom.

“For many centuries, women were not allowed in the art world, and the situation has only changed because of a powerful feminist movement,” Kask told The Calvert Journal. “The trend continues, and it’s great. In my life there is no conflict between my household chores and my work, but I am aware that I’m not married and have no children.”

Out of Control was curated by the Murmansk painter Daria Orlova and will run until 27 March.

This article was produced as part of The Calvert Journal’s New Writers Programme.