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Poster of Serbian PM gets very own security guards

Poster of Serbian PM gets very own security guards
(Image: @omarkaravdic / Twitter)

28 March 2017

Private Serbian security company Intersec recently got a rather unusual assignment — not protecting Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić himself, but a poster of him.

According to a report by Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, the firm will be standing watch over the large poster in the city of Novi Sad until the Serbian presidential election on 2 April.

“I have to be here, this is my job, and we are guarding this poster 24 hours a day. My company sent me here and that is all I know,” a guard told BIRN, while both Intersec and the ruling Progressive Party declined to comment.

The rationale behind the decision may have something to do with protecting Mr Vučić‘s smile — on 24 March an inspired artist coloured in the prime minister’s teeth, while in the western city of Kraljevo three activists were detained last week for removing posters of Mr Vučić.

Aleksandar Đorđević from the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy think-tank explained that hiring a private firm was perhaps the only option for those concerned about keeping the posters pristine, given that they are private property and therefore cannot be protected by the police.

Rest safe in the knowledge that Mr Vučić‘s likeness is in safe hands — Intersec has protected the likes of Paris Hilton.

Source: Balkan Insight