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Unconvinced Kievans parody Klitschko Eurovision promo

4 April 2017

A group of aspiring filmmakers have taken matters into their own hands, after Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry published a film extolling the virtues of Kiev in advance of the Eurovision Song Contest, which will take place in Kiev next month.

The promo, posted on the Foreign Ministry’s Facebook page on 28 March, sees city mayor Vitali Klitschko explain exactly how Kiev is the perfect host city — from its many restaurants and museums, to its experience hosting Eurovision in 2005 and UEFA Euro 2012.

Kievans soon began to comment, with some berating the poor quality of the video itself, while others claimed the promo attempted to whitewash the city’s problems. This is where some Kiev inhabitants decided to step in, editing the film to give a rather different perspective on the city.

Here verdant parks and colourful buildings make way for construction sites and a broken-down trolleybus being pushed along by passengers. There are two sides to every story, after all.