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Moscow DJ Dasha Redkina to play set in Krasnodar studios

Moscow DJ Dasha Redkina to play set in Krasnodar studios
Dasha Redkina. Image: Facebook

2 April 2017

Moscow DJ Dasha Redkina will play at a techno party at Krasnodar’s art space Lick Brick Studio on 8 April.

The former spare parts factory will welcome Redkina, who is well known in Russia’s underground music scene, not only for her skills as a DJ but also for her video installations and love of vinyl records. Redkina might be a resident at Moscow’s popular techno nightclub Arma17, but that hasn’t stopped her from regularly performing at clubs across Europe.

This will be her first performance at Lick Brick Studio, which is quickly becoming the city’s most popular venue for creative events.

“In 2014, together with the artist Misha Karagyozian, we decided to throw a party in the studio where we operate,” artist and party organiser at Lick Brick, Ben Papian, told The Calvert Journal. “It was a closed event at first, only for him and close friends, but then everyone like it so we decided to do it again. Our friends began to bring friends, and at some point we realised that we’ve moved far beyond parties only as closed events.”

This article was produced as part of The Calvert Journal’s New Writers Programme.