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Ageing: Russian photographer Natalya Reznik captures decline and hope

27 April 2017

Russian photographer Natalya Reznik has spent eight years documenting the life of her grandmother. 92-year-old Nadezhda Pavlovna’s existence echoes the physical and inner struggles of getting older, yet remains infused with a certain optimism.

Reznik’s project Ageing offers a snapshot of her grandmother’s life in Perm, where Nadezhda has lived with the photographer’s mother, Olga, for over 25 years.

Her physical weakness and decline are paired with moments of hope — despite physical weakness, near blindness and deafness, Nadezhda maintains a sense that everything will be fine once again. This optimistic spirit leads Nadezhda to invest in a number of “healing” gadgets such as an eye massager, which she believes will help her see again.

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