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Border studies: open call for Dnipropetrovsk poster pop-up

Border studies: open call for Dnipropetrovsk poster pop-up

4 May 2017

The Shuba Design Conference, taking place in the Ukrainian city of Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro), has launched an open call for entries for its Border Studies poster competition.

In their posters entrants are invited to explore the nature of borders, their volatility and impact on daily life. Submissions should reflect on borders from one of three critical perspectives:

1.Invisible borders

Invisible but intellectually tangible boundaries that separate people, communities, and societies, creating unity or becoming the basis for conflict.

2. Moving borders

Territorial, geographical, and political boundaries; crisis and border redefinition; disputed territories; positions between the borders; and a borderless world.

3. Overlapping borders

The borders of ideas and concepts; cultural and metaphorical limits, including imaginary boundaries in the real world and the real limits of imaginary worlds, as well as their transformation and destruction.

Submission are open until 14 May. The posters will be showcased as a pop-up exhibition at the Shuba Design Conference from 27 — 28 May.

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