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Concrete: help fund photographer Gábor Kasza’s book on coldness and closeness

16 May 2017

Hungarian photographer Gábor Kasza is crowdfunding for his latest photo book Concrete — a poetic exploration of relationships, encased in concrete.

“I decided to make a photo book with a special coherence of theme, design and form; at the intersection of these they create a whole new piece of art, a book,” Kasza says of the project.

Made up of larger figurative images and smaller abstract compositions, Concrete is a reflection on relationships, “closeness and coldness”, mapped out in a visual narrative centred on — you guessed it — concrete.

After facing a string of rejections from designers, the photographer set about creating the concrete case himself. His self-made slipcase took over a year of learning and experimentation to develop.

To find out more about Concrete and to help fund the project, visit the crowdfunding site.