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Ljubljana light art festival explores memory

Ljubljana light art festival explores memory

26 May 2017

Jakub Nepraš: Fossil, videokolaž z zvokom, 2007, 2 min Atrij SAZU, 2017 foto: DK #svetlobnagverila

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Visitors to Ljubljana over the next month will find the Slovenian capital particularly radiant after dark, as the Svetloba Gverila (Lighting Guerrilla) transforms parts of the city with light installations.

Now in its 11th edition, this year’s festival takes “Memories” as its theme, exploring the role of memories both in terms of an individual’s subjective experience and on the societal level.

The festival’s central site is the Vžigalica gallery, with installations also lighting up areas including the park at the Križanke open-air theatre, Novi Trg square and the Cukrarna industrial complex.

Opening last week, Svetloba Gverila features both local and international artists. Among the participants are Slovenian artist Luka Savić, whose icon modulator takes inspiration from the avant-garde and particularly Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy, while French artist Stéphane Masson illuminates Novi Trg square with street lights “powered by Slovenian ads” from the 20th century. Adverts are also key to Zaslepljenost (Delusion) by Matej Andraž Vogrinčič, an installation that questions the disappearance of memory using projections of commercials from times past.

Svetloba Gverila will run until 17 June 2017 at locations around Ljubljana. Find out more here.

Source: Slovenia Times